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Jordan Skittrall

(Photograph of Jordan Skittrall, courtesy of Graham Stratton)

Applied Mathematics/Theoretical Physics departmental homepage (legacy page)

From 2006 to 2009 I was a graduate student of Ben Allanach in the University of Cambridge Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, working in theoretical elementary particle physics.  This subsite preserves the information that was on my departmental pages, with updates/alterations to take into account changes in details since I left and took my Ph.D.  I also have a personal homepage.

24th March 2013: These pages last updated (minor updates to June 2010 version to reflect website migration and DAMTP email redirection changes).

Preprints and publications

Most recent: Gluon-initiated production of a Kaluza-Klein gluon in a Bulk Randall-Sundrum model. See the full page for more details.

Meetings and talks

Now archived, I maintained a page on which I list the meetings I have attended/intend to attend, mainly for my own interest. Similarly I maintained a page on which I list the talks I have given/expect to give.

DAMTP Graduate Education Committee

I used to be the student representative on the departmental Graduate Education Committee.

Contacting me

Previous contact information for me is for the most part out of date: please use the generic contact information available on the remainder of this site.

Contact webmaster

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